Taking the Employee Buyout

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Taking the Employee Buyout
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We are seeing more employers offering buyouts and early retirement to their employees. Accepting the buyout can be a very stressful decision, with limited time to make it.

Vince Oldre of Assured Retirement Group says it all starts with having a financial plan. Once that foundation is in place, it becomes much easier to evaluate the offer.  He’s even had clients accept these types of offers without having to ask Vince, because the plan was already in place.

Not all plans are created equal – the recent Delta Airlines employee buyouts were good deals because they were the product of negotiation. We also discuss other big companies like 3M and Thomson Reuters.  Again, the decision for all employees should start with a financial plan.

Vince Oldre and Assured Retirement Group are offering to set up financial plans at no charge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more info, you can reach him at (952)-657-7470, or find him online at


Vincent L. Oldre, CFP®

Financial Advisor and Retirement Planner

Vince began his financial services career at an insurance company until he eventually opened his own advisory practice so that he could work with clients directly.

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