Financial planning and investment advice focused on retirement.

Our financial planning and investment advisory services are provided with the intent of creating predictable income stream that will last your lifetime.

Financial Planning

Income plans without excess risk.

If you have long-term financial goals, you need to have a financial plan tailored to fit your unique situation. At CFG Retirement, we make financial plans that do more than help our clients grow. Our plans help our clients protect their assets from market downturns and make them better be prepared for financial emergencies.

Investment Advisor

Advice that helps protect your assets.

Our investment advisory services are designed for individuals looking for a strategy that returns a consistent income without unnecessary risk. We’ll help you identify your financial goals, develop a plan that helps you reach them, and re-organize your investments to make them easier to manage.

Retirement Planning

Long-term planning that helps manage uncertainty.

Having a long-term retirement plan in place can help mute the dangers of life’s unpredictability. However, planning for such a major life event can be daunting, and it is tempting to procrastinate about it until it’s too late. We can help you put together a retirement plan backed by decades of experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

First thing is to understand how much you can lose and maintain your lifestyle. The second is to find out if you current investments can possibly lose that much in the next market downturn by doing a risk and history analysis.
There are a lot of factors that can cause someone to run out of money in retirement. Inflation, taxes, healthcare, lifestyle and regular living expenses are all contributors. Creating a plan for income as well as knowing which account to draw from it is crucial.
YES! It isn’t just about the investments you use, it is the financial tools that are available to you to use to make things more efficient.
One of the biggest expense surprises to those in retirement is taxes. Most haven’t had to plan around taxes since their taxes were taken out of their paychecks automatically.
In retirement, your investments most likely will have to provide you some income. That means they should work with your distributions, taxes, and most importantly, the right risk.
The only way to know is by creating a retirement plan that helps to look at many different scenarios and that you have saved enough relative to how much you are saving.

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